SGGH and our strategic partners represent over a hundred survivors of abuse in Michigan. We fight to hold religious institutions, including the Catholic church, accountable in Michigan. On September 21st, 2018, the Michigan Department of Attorney General launched an investigation into clergy sexual abuse throughout the State of Michigan, focusing on the 7 Dioceses of Michigan’s Catholic Churches. Paper document review has resulted in the following:

Grand Rapids: Accused Priests: 105 Identified Victims: 207

Lansing: Accused Priests: 100 Identified Victims: 158

Gaylord: Accused Priests: 40 Identified Victims: 70

Detroit: Accused Priests: 32 Identified Victims: 48

Saginaw: Accused Priests: 53 Identified Victims: 67

Kalamazoo: Accused Priests: 22 Identified Victims: 13

Marquette: Accused Priests: 54 Identified Victims: 144

The Michigan attorney general has investigated and charged numerous priests within the Catholic Church. Since her investigations began, the following priests have been charged with criminal sexual conduct:

  • Timothy Michael Crowley, 69, Lansing Diocese, previously a priest at St. Thomas Rectory in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Neil Kalina, 63, Archdiocese of Detroit, was previously a priest at St. Kiernan Catholic Church in Shelby Township, Michigan, from 1982 to 1985.
  • Patrick Casey, 55, Archdiocese of Detroit, previously a priest at St. Theodore of Canterbury Parish in Westland, Michigan.
  • Jacob Vellian, 84, Kalamazoo Diocese, previously a priest at St. John the Evangelist Parish in Benton Harbor, Michigan.
  • Vincent DeLorenzo, 80, Lansing Diocese, previously a priest at Holy Redeemer Church in Burton, Michigan.
  • Joseph (Jack) Baker, Archdiocese of Detroit, previously a priest at St. Perpetua Parish in Waterford, Michigan; St. Mary Parish in Wayne, Michigan; Sacred Heart Parish in Dearborn, Michigan; and associate pastor at St. Hugo of the Hills Parish in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
  • Brian Stanley, 57, Lansing, Michigan Diocese, previously a priest at St. Margaret’s Church.
  • Joseph Comperchio, 68, taught at St. John Catholic School in Jackson, Michigan, from 1974 to 1977 and at Canterbury School in Lee County, Florida.
  • Gary Berthiaume, 80, was a priest at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Wyandotte and later at Our Lady of Sorrows in Farmington, Michigan.

On October 27, 2022, the Michigan Attorney General’s office released a Report of Alleged Abuse at Marquette Catholic Diocese about allegations of abuse in the Marquette Catholic Diocese. According to the AG’s office, the list of priests alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct against children or adults since January 1, 1950, is derived from information gleaned from a search warrant executed against the Diocese of Marquette on October 3, 2018. There are 44 priests on this list; 38 were employed or incardinated by the Marquette Diocese. The list identifies the following priests:

  • Casimir Adasiewicz, died 1981.
  • Thomas Anderson died in 1981.
  • Emil Beyer, died 2003.
  • Joseph Carne died in 2019.
  • Leonard Cornelius, O.F.M., is an active minister at Archeparchy of Pittsburgh.
  • Richard T. Craig was removed from ministry in 1993.
  • Timothy Desrochers, died 2020.
  • Thomas Dunleavy, 2002.
  • Gino Ferraro, died 1976.
  • Wilbur Gibbs died in 1988.
  • Basil Goerner, died 2008.
  • Michael Hale died in 1975.
  • Gerald Harrington died in 1962.
  • Donald Hartman, who died in 1999, was removed from the ministry in 1992.
  • Aloysius Hasenberg, who died in 2016, was removed from the ministry in 2008.
  • Terrence Healy, who died in 2019, was removed from the ministry in 1987 and convicted of criminal sexual conduct.
  • Raymond Hoefgen died in 2012, removed from the ministry in 2002.
  • John Hughes died in 1979.
  • Gary Jacobs was removed from ministry in 1989 and convicted of criminal sexual conduct.
  • Roy Joseph, charged with criminal sexual conduct.
  • Norbert Lacosse died in 2014 and was removed from the ministry in 1990.
  • Frank Lenz remains in ministry with limitations.
  • Clement Lepine, died 2000.
  • Mark McQuesten remains in active ministry.
  • James Menapace died in 2022, removed from the ministry in 2002.
  • Peter Minelli died in 2017 and was removed from the ministry in 2014.
  • Albert Mligo, presumed alive.
  • Robert Monroe died in 1980.
  • Aaron Nowicki, removed from ministry in 2019, charged with criminal sexual conduct.
  • Vincent Ouellette, died 1998.
  • Wilfred Pelletier, died 1973.
  • Anthony Polakowski, died 1978.
  • Armour Roberts died in 1989.
  • David Rocheleau died in 1984.
  • Nelson Daniel Rupp, presumed alive, resigned as pastor in 1996.
  • Walter Sheedlo, presumed alive, was removed from ministry in 2009.
  • Don Shiroda died in 2011.
  • Ephream/Ephraim Sitko died in 1982.
  • Neil Smith died in 2007.
  • Charles Strelick died in 2017 and retired from the ministry in 1995.
  • Jan Szczykowski, unknown if dead or alive, returned to Poland in 1998.
  • Guy Thoren died in 2011, removed from the ministry in 2002.
  • Bernard Van Der Schueren, SJ, died 2009.
  • James Wolf, O.F.M., CAP, alive, retired/restricted in ministry since 2005.

According to a statewide clergy abuse investigation report, the Michigan Attorney General’s Office’s Clergy Abuse Investigative Team has uncovered a total of 454 priests accused of sex abuse, 811 survivors, and 11 clergy members who were charged. In addition, the investigative team has found that Grand Rapids has the highest number of accused clergy members and survivors, with 105 priests and 207 survivors.



Tragically, clergy sex abuse often involves children. However, adults can also be victims of clergy sexual abuse. Regardless of the age of the victim, our clergy sex abuse lawyers handle cases where victims were subjected to the following: 

  • Sexual assaults
  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Sexual touching 
  • Indecent exposure

Children are the most vulnerable, but adults can also be victims. If you have been intimidated or coerced into participating in or tolerating sexually abusive behavior, we can help. 

Generally speaking, the sooner you contact a legal representative, the better your chances of proving your claim. As time passes, memories fade, witnesses move, and memories fade. Don’t assume that you have no claim just because years have passed since you were abused. We are happy to explain your options to you. As these scandals have come to light and we have learned more about the long-term effects of sexual abuse, many states have extended the statute of limitations for sexual abuse claims. As a result, you may be able to pursue a claim today even if your abuse occurred decades ago. Our clergy sex abuse lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to build a strong case even if your abuse occurred years ago. 



Our attorneys and trial lawyers have decades of experience litigating and obtaining verdicts and settlements for clients all across the country for those who have been injured or have died.  Lawyers at SGGH have assisted in cases recovering more than $2 billion in verdicts and settlements for injured individuals.  Some of these results are record-setting in Illinois and around the country.  If you or a loved one experienced sexual abuse at the hands of a clergy member, please Contact SGGH Today for a Free Consultation at (312)728-7444 or contact us online.