Abuse at the Lord’s Ranch in Arkansas

Stinar, Gould, Grieco, & Hensley (SGGH) Founding Partner Martin D. Gould and attorney Valerie A. Letko, alongside Joshua Gillispie of the Gillispie Law Firm, have been leading the investigation and lawsuits against the Lord’s Ranch Christian religious and therapeutic facility in Warm Springs, Arkansas, related entities, and its former owners and staff, including head counselor Emmett A. Presley. The SGGH team is still investigating and filing cases and speaking with survivors and witnesses.

What We Know

The Lord’s Ranch opened in 1976 and is alleged to have provided medical treatment, including mental health services and other residential therapy services, to adolescents. The Ranch housed youths ranging from 7-17 years of age placed at the remote Ranch by government officials, child services agencies, and trusting parents and guardians. Many of these children arrived at the Ranch having been abused or neglected as children, having emotional and behavioral issues, criminal pasts, or to escape a troubled home life.

Our investigation has so far revealed that dozens of children placed at the Ranch were repeatedly subjected to horrific sexual, psychological, and physical abuse as children while residing at the Ranch. Former residents allege that faculty and staff preyed upon residents, subjecting them to unspeakable acts of sexual and physical violence while administrators and owners of the Ranch turned a blind eye, or worse, actively covered it up and even punished children who came forward to report abuse. Among a number of abusers, one of the most notorious was head counselor, Emmett A. Presley, referred to by some as “Mr. P” or “Dr. P.”

The Lord’s Ranch was closed in 2016 when wealthy owner and businessman Ted Suhl was convinced of bribery and fraud for defrauding Medicare of more than $125 million in funds for the Ranch. Suhl was sentenced to 7 years in prison, serving only 3 years of his sentence.

Do You Have Information or a Potential Claim?

Our investigation has two goals: truth and justice. We seek to expose the horrible truth of what happened to so many residents at the Lord’s Ranch and hold those who knew or should have known about the sexual abuse accountable. We urge anyone with information, including former residents and staff members, to come forward and speak to us.

How We Can Help

Our trauma informed lawyers are ready to hear from you. If you or a loved one have experienced abuse at the hands of a Lord’s Ranch employee, please Contact SGGH Today for a Free Consultation at (312)728-7444 or contact us online.