Sexual abuse can encompass a broad number of actions an individual can suffer from but typically refers to any sexual contact that the recipient does not or cannot give consent for. Almost any claim of sexual abuse can be the basis for civil, legal action and meaningful financial compensation.

Criminal Sexual Assault: Those perpetrating criminal sexual assault can be held accountable for their actions and the trauma they cause in criminal court, for which they may receive time in prison or significant penalty, but also face financial consequences in civil court.

Sexual Abuse of Minors: These cases often involve a religious institute, school, or youth sports organization. Sexual contact with a minor is a crime and can and should be punished in criminal as well as civil court.

Drug-Facilitated Assault: More commonly known as “date rape,” this form of sexual assault is commonly seen in bars and parties.

Intimate Partner Violence:  Partners and married couples must give consent for sexual contact. An abusive partner can be held accountable in criminal and civil court if they force their spouse to perform or experience an unwanted sexual act.

Sexual Abuse of Elders: The wrongful sexual abuse of the elderly often takes place in nursing homes and retirement communities, most commonly perpetrated by staff members of nursing homes whose job is to help and care for the elderly residents in these facilities.

Unwanted Touching: Touching with hands or objects in a sexual manner against someone’s will is a form of sexual assault and may warrant a criminal action, as well as a civil.

Regardless of what category the sexual assault you’ve suffered from, the SGGH team of abuse lawyers is here to help and make a difference—for you and for others. We know that these types of encounters can be traumatic and difficult to discuss, but if you’ve suffered from any of the assaults listed here or any other kind of sexual assault, you may be entitled to financial compensation for what you’ve experienced and will continue to experience. If you believe that you have a claim, an SGGH lawyer can advise you on the next steps and weigh whether filing a claim or lawsuit is right for you.



In addition to individual perpetrators, institutions and corporations can often be held legally responsible for the sexual abuse that one endures. The SGGH team of abuse lawyers has helped survivors recover damages against many different types of institutions and corporations involving abuse that occurred in a variety of different settings, with defendants ranging from religious organizations, churches, clergy, and public and private schools to powerful private corporations, employers, and even local and state governments. Some of the different types of settings in which institutions and corporations have been held responsible for sexual abuse include abuse that occurred in:

Religious Institutions & Camps 

Hotels & Motels

Military Academies

Boarding Schools

Public & Private Schools

Nursing Homes

Group Homes & Foster Care 

Behavioral Treatment Centers

Hospitals & Medical Offices/Clinics

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment Centers

Workplace or Work Events

College Campus, Dorms, & Fraternities

 Youth Sports & College Athletics

Boy Scouts, Royal Rangers & Other Youth Organizations



Nothing can bring back what was lost as a result of the sexual abuse that you or a loved one suffered. But under the law and in civil court, the remedy you are entitled to is financial in nature.

In a civil court, when a lawsuit is filed, the individual bringing the lawsuit (the plaintiff) is entitled to damages if they are successful. Damages can include economic damages resulting from the sexual abuse—like medical or therapy bills—but they can also include non-economic damages, which include past, current, and future emotional distress; past, current, and future diminished quality of life; and pain and suffering resulting from the sexual abuse.

While all of this can be difficult to calculate and put into perspective, the experienced team of SGGH abuse lawyers knows how to maximize your financial compensation through the presentation of compelling testimony and use of expert witnesses that can discuss the impact the sexual abuse has had on you. We know that this compensation can never make up for what you experienced and may not heal the mental wounds you suffered, but it can help obtain the necessary funds to assist in payment for treatment and expenses that you may incur in the aftermath of your sexual abuse. Let us help you in this process and serve as your guide through the legal process and court system.



Our attorneys and trial lawyers have decades of experience litigating and obtaining verdicts and settlements for clients all across the country for those who have been injured.  Lawyers at SGGH have assisted in cases recovering more than $2 billion in verdicts and settlements for injured individuals.  Some of these results are record-setting in Illinois and around the country.  If you or a loved one have experienced sexual abuse, please Contact SGGH Today for a Free Consultation at (312)728-7444 or contact us online.