Blake Hensley is a Legal Assistant at SGGH where she serves as direct support to the Founding Partners and Administrative Staff handling legal projects, managing administrative data, and communicating with SGGH clients.

From a young age, Blake was inspired to educate and help others by her mother, aunts, and grandmothers—all of whom served as schoolteachers and volunteers at their local churches. She’s carried those lessons and that passion through to her work at SGGH, where she prides herself on demonstrating compassion and empathy in all her work and communications.

Along with working at SGGH, Blake is a middle school teacher at a Catholic school in Appleton, Wisconsin, where she enjoys teaching history and other subjects—currently to 5th graders.

Along with her teaching responsibilities, Blake has also helped coordinate and organize Veteran’s Day Celebrations at the school: inviting Veterans to classrooms to discuss their experiences and service to the country with students. Blake is also highly involved with the school’s extracurricular activities serving as the Founder and Coach of the school’s Cheerleading Program and Co-Founder of its Drama Club.

Blake graduated summa cum laude from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she majored in History and obtained a minor in Secondary Education.

In her free time, Blake is an avid fiction writer and long-distance runner. During the week she loves attending trivia nights and hosting book clubs. On weekends, she enjoys finding places around Wisconsin to enjoy nature: her favorite being Door County.