Patricia Yarng is a Paralegal at SGGH Law. Patricia has extensive experience in complex litigation with a career spanning over a decade working on the defense of medical malpractice case. Now, with her new role, she seeks to apply her skills to assist those wronged by professional and institutional negligence.

With extensive experience in legal support, case management, and trial preparation, Patricia excels in coordinating complex legal processes and ensuring meticulous organization of case materials. Patricia is driven by a commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to legal support, continually seeking to enhance her skills and contribute to the success of her team.

Patricia holds an associate’s degree in paralegal studies from Oakland Community College, where she developed a strong foundation in legal principles and practices.

Outside of her career, Patricia enjoys cooking and exploring new restaurants and cuisines to broaden her culinary knowledge. She has a passion for travel to experience diverse cultures and has a deep appreciation for festivals and concerts, as they offer a chance to engage with diverse forms of art and culture.